Monday, January 28, 2013

Great Morning with Shakeology

Last night Karen and I did our Insanity workouts. We had a double day with Pure Cardio and then we had to do Cardio Abs. Such a great thing that I can be doing these workouts with my wife now and help to get her in shape. This is my second time doing Insanity since completing it last July and her first.
This morning we started off right with a Chocolate Shakeology Shake.
What I did was add a 1/2 Tablespoon of Peanut Butter and 6 Blueberries. Blend it in my Magic Bullet and it is good to go and very, very tasty too.
I would suggest Shakeology to anyone that wants to have the healthiest meal of their lives and help lose weight in the process.
Shakeology can help you:*
• Lose weight
• Reduce cravings
• Increase energy and stamina
• Promote healthy digestion
and regularity
Proven results
As part of the recommended Shakeology
program of replacing a meal with one
shake per day, along with regular
exercise and a balanced diet, participants
experienced even more remarkable health
The study also showed that participants
were able to:†
• Reduce total cholesterol by 30%
on average
• Reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
by 38% on average
• Reduce cardiovascular risk ratio
by 24% on average
• Reduce oxidative damage caused
by free radicals on average by 45%,
which can help decrease the risk for
developing degenerative conditions
like heart disease, dementia, and arthritis

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