Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year, New You.

Every year people make resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, drink less soda, and get fit. Every year people fail to reach their resolutions, usually quitting within the first month.and sometimes the first week.
Do you fit into this category at all?
What were your reasons to not follow through with your resolutions? Yes, resolutions, not goals. I think the problem with resolutions are that they are easy to write off and there is nothing to really strive for.  Most resolutions are taking away, not achieving.
Visualize the end result, it works. When you look into the mirror, see what you could look like. Look at success stories, they are great motivators.

Buy some clothes you want to fit into, one size at a time. If you are an XL, buy a L, when you fit into that, buy a M. You will be amazed at how great it feels to fit into those clothes you really want.
Join a group on facebook, and stay accountable. It is great to see others going through the same struggles as you and it keeps you and others in the group focused on your goals.
Join a weightloss challenge at work. My wife and I are currently doing one.
Start small with exercise, walk. Park your car farther away when going to the store. Take the stairs.
Drink plenty of water, it keeps your metabolism going.
Eat small every three hours, you will really be surprised at how much it curbs hunger and helps you lose weight.
Cut back on dairy and make one meal a week a meatless meal.
Whole grains are good, processed foods are not.
Find a workout program that works best for you and the goals you want to achieve.
Make no excuses, you can always find time to workout.

When you are working out it helps to supplement your diet with an amazing drink like Shakeology. It tastes great and it really works.

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